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Enhanced Automotive is the result of a great passion for vehicles. We are proud to be a family owned and operated facility. Delivering nothing but quality and 100% customer satisfaction. EA is here to make an impact and Build long-lasting relationships in the car community. Serving San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Vehicle wraps create a very distinctive, custom and eye catching look on any vehicle. Vinyl wraps come in various designs and colors such as matte colors, brushed metals, carbon fiber and high gloss colors. If you’re in the greater San Diego County area and would like to get a free, no-obligation quote on wrapping your vehicle, Enhanced Automotive is your one stop place to shop. We only use the finest of materials for your vehicle wraps by 3M or Avery Dennison, making upgrading your vehicle not only cost efficient, but it also protects your original paint job from any debris while on the road.

Many business owners resort to printable wraps for advertising purposes, providing limitless advertising alternatives for business or personal vehicles. If you own a business in the San Diego area and would like more information on how you can start increasing your impressions among locals then give us a call today! We’ve wrapped thousands of vehicles and can help you with your custom vehicle enhancements today.

Before current vehicle wrap technology, the only way that an individual was able to alter the appearance of their car was by paying for a very expensive paint job. Most paint jobs would last anywhere from 5-6 years until weather conditions and road debris would chip away, scratch and affect the condition of the paint. With vehicle wraps, you can withstand and protect your vehicle from the wind, rain, cold and heat. If you’re able to keep your wrap in great condition, your wrap can last much longer.


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