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Enhanced Automotive is one of the best car detailing in San Diego since 2008. When it comes to preserving the value of your car, it’s all about details. We use the best tools and products to make our customers satisfied with their new looking cars and lasts for months or years not just for days. Nothing feels better than sitting in a car that looks and smells brand new. Detailing your car regularly keeps it in prime condition and helps maintain the value. Car detailing is not a simple car wash and interior cleaning! Click the button below and get a free quote!


At Enhanced Automotive, we have set the standard for car detailing for more than a decade, and even now, we tirelessly endeavour to preserve your vehicle using all our experience and latest innovations available in the market.

For us, car detailing is more like artwork than a mechanized process of cleaning and fixing your car’s aesthetics. It is an essential procedure to improve the quality of your car, and that’s why we focus on restoring your vehicle to its newest condition and offer you a car that smells fresh, looks great, and performs its best.

Apart from maintaining the aesthetics, a fine car detailing procedure cleans every corner of your car’s interior and helps you retain your vehicle’s value. Our state-of-the-art products and methods maintain your car’s interior and exteriors and allow you to sell your car at a profitable cost.

Removal of hard stains is another obvious perk of the car detailing process. Our skilled technicians remove every kind of hard stain, be it embedded pet hair or water stains on your fabrics. If you have leather upholstery in your car, a well-executed detailing process will also clean all the leather material and prevent any sort of cracking in the future. In this way, your fabric will last long, and aesthetics will be maintained for a longer period.

Regular cleaning of your vehicle also keeps all the infections away from your car’s surface. When you drive a car, you have to touch parts such as the stereo player, steering wheel, seatbelt, and other compartments many times, and it is vital for your good health that all those surfaces are free from any microorganisms.

If you notice continuous sneezing or any allergy while you’re in your car, car detailing will solve the problem. Professional car detailing will thoroughly clean all the surfaces, eliminate every type of allergen from your vehicle and make your indoor space entirely safe and healthy.


1) How often should I detail my car?

You should have your car detailed after every 4 to 6 months. If your vehicle has gone through a rough ride, you can get it cleaned whenever you feel your car is dirty.

2) What are the main steps in interior car detailing?

Car detailing consists of several steps: interior vacuuming, brushing and cleaning, glass cleaning, and perfuming.


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