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Welcome to Enhanced Automotive San Diego. We specialize in automotive window tinting and car detailing services and pride ourselves in providing complete protection to your cars in San Diego since 2008.

We provide the finest tint films for car windows and utilize state-of-the-art technology for the installation process. Plus, our skilled technicians focus on every detail of your car and use the highest quality products and tools to restore the condition of your vehicle to its market version.

Why is Window Tinting Important for Your Car?

If you are concerned about taking care of your car, you have to give equal importance to all its parts- interiors, exteriors, and engine.

Window tinting is one significant aspect of taking complete care of your car. It might appear that tinting your windows just acts as an aesthetic enhancement to your car, but in reality, it serves various other significant roles such as protection of the vehicle and passengers from direct UV radiations.

What is THE BENEFIT OF WINDOW tinting?

Tinted windows block the harmful UV rays that can cause severe skin problems such as skin cancer or a decline in eye health. If you tend to spend a considerable time in your car or commute for longer distances with your family members, especially kids in it, you must not ignore protecting your loved ones from harmful skin problems caused by these radiations.

Another advantage of tinted windows is they keep you safe in case of an accident. Tinted films keep the shattered sharp glass in the same place that would otherwise break and might hurt you. Additionally, our window tints ensure no interference with any sort of network or connectivity, be it bluetooth, wifi, or cellular networks.


And finally, tinted glass offers a much enhanced and glamorous look to your vehicle and provides you with additional privacy. You can choose to give your car a sophisticated or sporty look with our shades of window tints.

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Can I wash my car after tinting?

Yes. All the films are installed on the inner side of the windows, and you can wash your car or take it out in the rain without thinking twice.

Why do I see bubbles after window tinting?

These bubbles are remains of moisture captured in the film, and they evaporate after a few weeks by themselves. Never try to push these bubbles as it can produce unwanted air pockets between the film and window.

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How long should I wait to use my windows after tint?

Usually, you should wait for four days before rolling down your windows after you get a tint.

We are offering High Quality Window Tinting service to San Diego, la Jolla, EL Cajon, and the whole area.


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