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Welcome to Enhanced Automotive San Diego. We specialize in automotive window tinting and car detailing services and pride ourselves in providing complete protection to your cars in San Diego since 2008.

With more than a decade of satisfied customers in San Diego and surrounding areas, we are the professionals that you should trust for the best window tints and car detailing services in the market.


Window tinting and car detailing are two aspects that preserve the appearance and the value of your car. These two maintenance areas upgrade the quality of your experience with your car and extend its life in the market. That’s why we strive hard to deliver the best possible service to our customers and deliver the car in its prime condition.

We provide the finest tint films for car windows and utilize state-of-the-art technology for the installation process. Plus, our skilled technicians focus on every detail of your car and use the highest quality products and tools to restore the condition of your vehicle to its market version.

Our ultimate aim is that when our customers leave our workshop, they should feel like they are driving a new car.

At Enhanced San Diego, we serve one purpose and one purpose only: we protect your vehicle. We mitigate and protect every single component of your vehicle from the rubber to the plastics, and everything in between including the paint surface, the interior and the window glass. We perform four services: auto detailing, paint coating, clear bra and window tint. Across all four of these services, protection is our mind set. Our coating protects your exterior surfaces and reduces maintenance and wash time, our clear bra protects from scratches and dings, our tint preserves and protects from the sun, and our detailing protects your esteem from a bad first impression.

Why Is Paint Protection Important?

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At Enhanced Automotive, we have set the standard for car detailing for more than a decade, and even now, we tirelessly endeavour to preserve your vehicle using all our experience and latest innovations available in the market.


For us, car detailing is more like artwork than a mechanized process of cleaning and fixing your car’s aesthetics. It is an essential procedure to improve the quality of your car, and that’s why we focus on restoring your vehicle to its newest condition and offer you a car that smells fresh, looks great, and performs its best.

If you are concerned about taking care of your car, you have to give equal importance to all its parts- interiors, exteriors, and engine.

Window tinting is one significant aspect of taking complete care of your car. It might appear that tinting your windows just acts as an aesthetic enhancement to your car, but in reality, it serves various other significant roles such as protection of the vehicle and passengers from direct UV radiations.

Tinted windows block the harmful UV rays that can cause severe skin problems such as skin cancer or a decline in eye health. If you tend to spend a considerable time in your car or commute for longer distances with your family members, especially kids in it, you must not ignore protecting your loved ones from harmful skin problems caused by these radiations.

Ceramic Coating is the best solution for your car that guarantees glossy, shiny protection for the paint against UV and chemical stain.

Enhanced Automotive is offering the best Ceramic Coating Solution in San Diego that helps you prevent your car value over time.

Yes, wrapping your car is increasing the value.

You should have your car detailed after every 4 to 6 months. If your vehicle has gone through a rough ride, you can get it cleaned whenever you feel your car is dirty.

Car detailing consists of several steps: interior vacuuming, brushing and cleaning, glass cleaning, and perfuming.

It’s like when you take your loved pet to the groomer and he/she loves it and comes back beautiful and happy. Your car needs that love too! We are going to make it beautiful again.

Usually, you should wait for four days before rolling down your windows after you get a tint.

Protect your investment! We help you save the value of your car!


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