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Ceramic Pro Coating is the global leader in car paint protection. It based on nanotechnology. We offer a wide range of products each formulated for specific surfaces. Our ceramic paint coatings are designed for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications. Because the formulas are molecularly designed for surfaces such as paint, vinyl, polymers, glass and more. Ceramic Pro Coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. This makes our products ideal for critical applications across all industries. No other product in the world performs like this.

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Why choose ceramic PRO coating instead of wax?

Ceramic Pro Coating gives longer lasting protection for your car paint. After the process is done properly the ceramic layer on your car will last 2-5 years instead of wax that only last maximum couple months. Choose ceramic protection and protect your value!

What is ceramic pro coating?

It is the next generation of vehicle surface protection that go beyond waxes and sealants. Coating is basically just like liquid glass, silicon dioxide or silica (SiO2) based. It will outperform and outlast without question any Synthetic waxes or sealants that are used by most San Diego Auto Detailing Services. The Ceramic Pro Coating will give a better protection of your vehicle’s paint, and it will be much more scratch, water resistant and UV. It creates an extra layer on the OEM paint and most importantly does not require repeated application every few months like other car waxes.

Why Ceramic Coating is better than Wax?

While wax may add a higher level of shine to the paint of your car. It will fall short in both protection and longevity. Natural carnauba, spray waxes, and ceramic wax can work for a while, but the protective layer they create is not nearly as permanent as a true ceramic pro coating.

How do you maintain a ceramic paint coating?

The best way to keep your vehicle looking sharp is to regularly hand wash the entire vehicle with water and use a neutral car shampoo. Make sure that the car wash doesn’t contain any wax or sealant. With the proper cleaning the Ceramic Coating can last up to 5 years. You also can apply some high-quality SiO2 ceramic boost spray to your freshly washed car every two months.


Coating adds additional long-lasting protection to your car’s exterior and Interior Coatings are also available. It helps keep the car looking like-new with minimal maintenance. The car coating achieves this result by making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean.

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Here are some of the main benefits:

Firstly, protection from UV damage & oxidization. Secondly protection from chemical stains and etching. Thirdly ease of cleaning. Moreover, enhanced gloss. And most importantly add value to your vehicle.


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Ceramic pro coating continues to become more popular and many shops are offering Ceramic paint protection. Finding a good shop near you should be easy. If you’re in San Diego you should be consider only one shop: Enhanced Automotive. Our certified coating professionals use only “Ceramic Pro” coating products at our San Diego shop. This brand offering the highest quality coating layer that protects your vehicle. Our shops have certified installers with years of experience to ensure the job is done right. Give us a call Today or stop by to Get a FREE Quote and learn more about the process.

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